Club baloncesto Breogan

Club baloncesto Breogan

After more than 8 years since the first version we made of the Club Basketball Breogán website, we are commissioned to update the platform for the club.

Speaking of eight years in the evolution of the web is talking about a great leap of standards, devices, techniques ... In this case, renewing the web did not mean losing the content that had been generated after these years. This is why one of the premises we had was to keep all the volume of news published from the online launch of the first version.

The first step was to migrate all the content (images, texts, attachments ...) to the new web, but adapting them to its new interface. Once this problem is solved, we propose a much more integrated web with more presence of the content generated on social networks.

We also take the opportunity to integrate the service that Feb offers to be up to date with results, classifications and matches, automating this content without having to generate it manually.

Despite these automated services, many of the contents are created dynamically. To perform these tasks, we integrate our own SCMS content manager. As we think our manager, it is possible to embed third-party services such as youtube, flickr, soundcloud, twitter or, of course, add images, texts, attachments ...

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