Museo Castro de Viladonga guide

Museo Castro de Viladonga guide

The Museum of Castro de Viladonga contact us again to design your new guide.

The permanent collection of the Museum of Castro de VIladonga has a large number of pieces that range from Roman coins, utensils, weapons ... all from Castro himself.

The purpose of the guide is to combine all these pieces, as well as explain the work they done.

In order to disseminate the work and pieces that are in the Museum, the guide is translated into five languages.

One of the premises was to give the guide not only an artistic character related to the Museum, but also technical, since exists a direct relationship with part of the work that takes place there.

Starting from this idea, we use a floor plan of the Castro to denote this technical characteristic.


  • Publisher: Xunta de Galicia
  • Editor: Felipe Arias
  • Photography: Felipe Arias, Jesús Cainzos, Marta Cancio and Museum graphic files
  • Draws: Castro&Val and Marta Cancio
  • Texts: Felipe Arias, Dolores Bastos, Mº Consuelo Durán and Elena Varela
  • Galician text revision: Rodolfo Caballero Otero
  • Spanish translation: Felipe Arias
  • French translation: Mº Carmen Rodríguez
  • German translation: Jose Ángel Seco
  • English translation: Christopher Hughes
  • Design: Sond3
  • Printing: Gráficas Eujoa
  • Type: Frutiger / Garamond
  • Format: 200x270mm
  • Pages: 300
  • ISBN: 978-84-453-5099-7
  • D.L.: C 339-2013

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