Mocca helados

Mocca helados

Creating and selling his own brand of ice cream was one of Carlos Montero's great dreams. He managed to make it a reality in 2012.

MOCCA is born from the contraction of Montero and Carlos, the creator's surname and name. They are high quality artisanal ice creams, made with care and authentic passion. The well-made product is the authentic banner of the brand.

Carlos Montero is the person who sticks up for the product and who defines the company, so we wanted to give prominence to his name in the formulation of the identity. That is the reason why we designed the logo using a typographic resource, with the double C as a link between the first name and the last name. We have also prepared several variants for applications in vertical, horizontal and abbreviated composition.

On the other hand, we have contemplated the option of adding a legend or a descriptive part accompanying the logo. In this case; "ice cream", in other cases we have used "artisan ice cream" or "artisan ice cream from Lugo", depending on the occasion and its requirements.

We are aware that this project has a wide variety of applications and flavours. That is why we have several corporate colours and a shape based on ice cream cones. This idea is materialized in a triangle which acts as a link and, at the same time, it allows us to create a scalable brand, with flexibility and consistency.

The MOCCA project is developed on a daily basis, so the applied graphics remain open and in continuous growth, parallel to the new needs that come up.

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